Ogweno Stephen’s NCDs for Public Health Course has received recognition as the highest rated course on Udemy, according to its over 2,000 students. The course, which covers 9 comprehensive modules, has been praised for its exceptional delivery, quality content, and clear structure.

The course has been designed with simplicity in mind, using language that can be easily understood by the general public. To make the learning experience even more engaging, the course incorporates a variety of multimedia elements such as videos, images, and audio.

Additionally, the course offers additional course content and research papers to deepen students’ understanding of the topic. With its user-friendly approach and high-quality content, it’s no wonder that this course has received such high ratings from its students.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about NCDs and their impact on public health, Ogweno Stephen’s NCDs for Public Health Course is a must-take.

Access the course on this link.

Here is some of the reviews from the people who took the course:

The NCD Course has enlightened me and empowered me with knowledge on how NCD’s can be prevented and Managed in our community, it has also encouraged me as a community health volunteer and Public Health advocate that there is hope if duty bearers can be put into task to offer the expected Health Rights

James Kamanu M. Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The NCD Course has given me knowledge about how to avoid and manage NCDs in our community, and it has inspired me as a volunteer in community health and a public health advocate that there is hope if duty bearers can be held accountable for providing the expected Health Rights.

Muhammad Zia Ul H. Rating: 5.0 out of 5

A perfect match! I’m grateful for the clear presentation, notes and the general knowledge. Good lecture Mr. Stephen!

Ouma Cynthia A. Rating: 5.0 out of 5



Ogweno Stephen has been providing valuable insights and inspiration through his two podcasts, the Africa NCD Champions podcast and the Afropreneur podcast. Both podcasts offer unique perspectives on different topics that impact African society.

The Africa NCD Champions podcast focuses on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the stories of people who are living with NCDs in Africa. The aim of this podcast is to educate, inform and inspire the world through these stories and shed light on the impact of NCDs in Africa. As NCDs like cancer, obesity, hypertension, asthma and diabetes continue to be the leading cause of death, raising awareness through the voices of people who have lived with these diseases is crucial.

On the other hand, the Afropreneur podcast features exciting, innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs from the African continent sharing their entrepreneurial journeys, lessons and insights. Apple podcasts selected the Afropreneur podcast as one of the top 30 leading podcasts on entrepreneurship in the region while the Africa NCD Champions podcast was listed as one of the top 3 global interest podcasts in non-communicable diseases by GYM.

According to Spotify, after one year of running these podcasts successfully, the podcasts have received impressive statistics, with the Africa NCD Champions podcast resonating with listeners on a global scale. These podcasts provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions and a source of inspiration and education for listeners.



Ogweno Stephen, a Kenyan entrepreneur and philanthropist, has partnered with Mentee, a global organization that connects individuals with mentors, to offer sponsorship for eight courses on health and entrepreneurship on Udemy. The course coupons are specifically designed for Mentees enrolled in the Mentee Global program, providing them with access to valuable education and resources to improve their skills and knowledge.

These courses are hosted on Udemy, a leading global course hosting platform, and upon completion, students will receive a certificate. The course topics include Non-Communicable Diseases for Public Health, The Entrepreneurship Mindset, The Art of Getting Started in Entrepreneurship, Startups and People: Mastering the fuel that drives, The Startup Strategy Fundamentals, The Journey to Scaling Up, The Mindset Guide for Startups, and The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Entrepreneurial and Life Success.

This partnership is part of Ogweno Stephen’s efforts to make learning accessible and to improve outcomes on a global scale. By providing sponsorship for these courses and working with Mentee, Ogweno Stephen is helping to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field of health and entrepreneurship. The partnership with Mentee is also an effort to help mentees to reach their maximum potential by having access to educational resources that will help them to reach their goals.

Overall, this partnership between Ogweno Stephen and Mentee is an innovative approach to education and provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of health and entrepreneurship. The course topics are diverse and cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the field, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in these areas.



The “Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Day” series by Ogweno Stephen is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals start their day off on the right foot. The series is delivered through daily 2-minute videos shared on YouTube, which are aimed at educating, motivating, and encouraging viewers to take control of their morning and set themselves up for a successful day.

The series is hosted by Stephen Ogweno, a Kenyan entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is known for his work in the health and education sectors. He brings his knowledge and experience to the series, providing practical tips and advice on how to start the day in the right way.

Each video in the series focuses on a specific topic related to morning routines, such as the importance of setting goals, developing a morning routine, and staying motivated. The series covers a wide range of topics and provides actionable advice that can be easily implemented into daily life.

The series is designed to be easy to follow and accessible to everyone, making it an ideal resource for anyone looking to improve their morning routine and set themselves up for a successful day. The videos are also available on YouTube, making it easy to access them from anywhere and watch them at any time, this way it can be watch by anyone at any time and place.

Overall, the “Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Day” series is a valuable resource for anyone looking to take control of their morning and set themselves up for a successful day. The series is hosted by a knowledgeable and experienced host, and provides practical and actionable advice that can be easily implemented into daily life.



Hi there, hope you are well, you probably have been connected to me for a while now to notice my annual mantras. This is the one statement that I set for myself and my networks as one overriding vision for the year. In previous years it has been like this

  • 2018 This year we plan
  • 2019 This year we focus
  • 2020 This year we grow
  • 2021 This year we breakthrough
  • 2022 This year we prepare

And next year, 2023, we elevate

In the year 2023, I have chosen the mantra “2023, we elevate” to guide my actions and goals. The reason for this is because I believe that this coming year presents a unique opportunity to make significant progress and improvements in various areas of my life. I am determined to push the needle forward and achieve my personal and professional aspirations.

Personally, I aim to elevate my skills and knowledge through reading more books, taking more courses and pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors. Professionally, I plan to take Stowelink and Lifesten Health to new heights by expanding their reach and impact. Academically, I am determined to excel in my Masters program at the University of Manchester. Physically, I am committed to reaching my health goals and elevating my overall well-being.

Overall, I am excited for the opportunities that 2023 presents and I am determined to make the most of them. This year, we elevate in all aspects of our lives.



2022 was a particularly exciting year for me. This year I managed to go through different levels and true to the mantra I set for 2022, this year I had various breakthroughs. If you want to have a recap of my plans in 2021 for 2022 here is the link


In 2022 this are some of the highlights of how the year went.


  • Started season 1 of the Afroprenuer Podcast and the Africa NCD Champions podcast
  • Got my story featured by African Films Network
  • Met the Minister Of Health In Kenya and made him make a commitment to supporting young people’s NCDs issues.


  • Had my first article featured by Project Syndicate
  • Had a media interview on cervical cancer
  • Attended the Harambean Summit in South Africa


  • Launched my 5th book – a children’s book titles Stories By The Fireplace
  • Met the UK high commissioner for Kenya
  • I spoke at the 4th African Youth Summit In Addis Ababa


  • Did a media tour for the stories by the fireplace at KUTV and GBS TV
  • Won the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards for health innovation of the year
  • Published 2 research papers in global scientific journals


  • Conducted a regional poetry contest on entrepreneurship based on my book Practical Skills
  • Got selected as a digital advocate for a campaign on trans-fat elimination in East Africa
  • Made a plenary presentation at the World Heart Summit Geneva


  • Published an OP-ED that was presented at the World Health Assembly
  • Got interviewed and featured on the guardian newspaper United Kingdom
  • Hosted a mini podcast series on meaningful engagement of people living with NCDs for the NCD Alliance


  • Contributed to a viral newspaper article on food apps and their contribution on obesity in Kenya
  • Got media features on Focus Tv
  • Won a grant for the Africa NCDs champion’s podcast
  • Started implementing the may measurement month project
  • Did a media launch and then a book launch for my 6th book Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success
  • Did a book exhibition at the YALI event launch


  • Nominated as a finalist for the Black Philanthropist Award 2022 
  • Got a newspaper feature on The Star Newspaper
  • Got featured on Radio France talking about physical health and obesity
  • Published new research on COVID 19 and mental health


  • Featured on ghetto radio for championing physical health
  • Hosted a new podcast series on NCDs and COVID 19
  • Started implementing the step-up project on NCDs and climate change in partnership with AstraZeneca


  • The NCDs for public health online course hots the 1000th user
  • Met the county government stakeholders on an NCDs project
  • Started planning for the Hanga Pitch fest


  • Made a presentation at the Global Social Business Summit
  • Closed 3 partnership deals with Lifesten Health partners
  • I was selected as the first engagement lead for One Young World East Africa


  • Won the Hanga Pitchfest
  • Won the Kigali CV challenge by Novartis Foundation
  • Featured by The Kenyan times and the Star Newspaper
  • Attended The 2nd International Conference on Public Health In Africa In Kigali

So clearly 2022 was a great year, it had its ups and downs, but we made it work. On my 15 pointer goals for the year, I was able to achieve 12 out of the total 15 which counts as a win in my book. Moving forward into 2023, the mantra will be 2023 we elevate.



Ogweno Stephen’s startup, Lifesten Health, has been announced as the winner of the CV Healthtech Kigali Challenge by the Novartis Foundation. The challenge aims to improve access to cardiovascular health screening in Kigali, Rwanda, and Lifesten Health addresses this challenge by introducing the ability for individuals to remotely diagnose themselves using their phone as a tool.

Lifesten Health is a healthcare company that offers incentive-based wellness programs that create experiences that empower individuals to achieve their health goals in a fun, exciting, and rewarding manner. The company’s innovative approach to healthcare is designed to make it more accessible and convenient for individuals to take control of their health.

The win in the CV Healthtech Kigali Challenge is a significant achievement for Lifesten Health and it gives the startup an opportunity to contribute to improving access to diagnostics and cardiovascular health on a wide scope in Rwanda. This is a great accomplishment for the company and for Stephen Ogweno who is the co-founder and CEO of Lifesten health. This win is a testament to the effectiveness of Lifesten Health’s approach to healthcare and it highlights the potential of the company to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector in Rwanda and beyond.

Overall, the CV Healthtech Kigali Challenge win is a big win for Lifesten Health and it represents a significant opportunity for the company to contribute to improving access to cardiovascular health screening in Rwanda. The company’s innovative approach to healthcare, which utilizes remote diagnostics and incentive-based wellness programs, has been recognized as an effective solution to improve health outcomes in Rwanda.

In the meantime  watch the Lifesten pitch during the Healthtech summit

Watch the announcement of the reward.



Stephen Ogweno is a Kenyan entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of the multi-award-winning health startup, Lifesten Health LLC. Lifesten Health is a health company that offers incentive-based wellness programs that create experiences that empower individuals to achieve their health goals in a fun, exciting and rewarding manner.

Recently, at the Hanga Pitch Fest, Lifesten Health was represented by its other Co-Founder and COO, Peace Iraguha, who did exceptionally well in representing the company at the pitch fest and eventually brought home the top prize, making Lifesten Health Rwanda’s Startup of the Year.

Organized by the Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the Rwanda Development Board, Hanga Pitchfest aims to provide a unique platform to showcase tech-entrepreneurs and creative talent from all over Rwanda and promote the widespread use of technology and innovation across all sectors. It’s an annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to share knowledge and build partnerships that drive innovation and growth in Rwanda.

The success of Lifesten Health at the Hanga Pitch Fest is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team, led by Stephen Ogweno, in developing an innovative and effective solution to improve health outcomes in Rwanda. The achievement also demonstrates the potential of Lifesten Health to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector in Rwanda and beyond. This is the kind of impact that Ogweno Stephen is dedicated to make in the health sector and this success is a step towards reaching that goal. Watch the full pitch on the link below

Watch the full winner’s announcement video on the link below



Ogweno Stephen was recently selected as the East African engagement lead for the One Young World. In this role Ogweno will be working closely with the coordinating ambassador for East Africa Harriet Kamashanyu to coordinate engagement activities for leaders in the East African region.

The One Young World is a global community for young leaders that brings leaders together from across every country in the world. It all begins with the annual One Young World Summit – the beating heart of what we are about. For young leaders, the Summit is the landmark event of the year. It is a chance for the individuals responsible for shaping the future of our world, to come together to confront the biggest challenges facing humanity. The Summit is the ultimate place to be inspired, share learnings, and connect. Together we raise the bar for what it is possible to achieve as leaders, individually and collectively.

Read more on the link below




Despite being entirely preventable, oral diseases are a significant health burden for many nations and have a lifetime impact on people, causing pain, discomfort, disfigurement, and even death. An estimated 3.5 billion people are impacted by oral disorders. Cavities (tooth decay), gum disease (periodontitis), and oral cancer are some of the most prevalent illnesses that affect our oral health. In the past year, more than 40% of individuals reported experiencing oral pain, and by the time they are 34, more than 80% of people will have experienced at least one cavity. Despite these staggering facts, there is still slow movement at a global scale to address oral health and its challenges.

Ogweno Stephen joined the C3 For Health Global Committee on oral health which had a recent meeting highlighting the burden of oral health but also the solutions. Some of the leading solutions suggested in the oral health space include providing oral health education on a more broad-spectrum fields to ensure individuals from an early age have an understanding of oral health and its importance. The other suggested solution was multisectoral collaboration beyond the medical field, partnering and collaborating with other sectors and the government to offer favorable conditions for oral health education, interventions and treatment. Such collaborations ensure that oral health continues to be a priority. Finally, more emphasis needs to be put on research on hoe to reduce the inequality gap and make oral health more available.

Clearly oral health is a subject that needs to be seriously addressed and you never know just how serious t is until your tooth aches!