Backed up by the right education fused with lived, learned and real-life first hand experiences Ogweno is sure to provide you the best consultation and practical skills in his key interest specialization topics.

Specialized Topics of Expertise

Ogweno offers consulting services in the following key topics:

  • Population Health community programmes
  • Non communicable diseases
  • Business development and strategy
  • Innovation,design thinking and human centered design


As an avid and trained public speaker, Ogweno Stephen communicates clearly and succinctly on his various topics of specialization ensuring the audience always walks away with practical skills, insights and inspiration to take action.

Specialized Topics of Expertise

Ogweno specializes in the following topics:

  • Public health and non communicable diseases
  • Innovation in healthcare
  • Start up business skills and strategies
  • Practical motivational speaking


Ogweno Stephen also specializes in customizing corporate training programmes complete with guidelines and manuals that could be used long after the training sessions.

Specialized Topics of Expertise

Specialized Topics of Expertise

  • Workplace health and well being
  • Pitching and pitch deck preparation
  • Corporate public speaking and presentation
  • Channeling creativity and productivity in the workplace.


Do you wish to be mentored by Ogweno Stephen ? Every year Ogweno Stephen takes in 10 young people aged between 20-25 years who need mentorship on a particular set of topics.

Specialized Topics of Expertise

Specialized Topics of Expertise for mentorship

  • Start up and business foundations
  • Health and entrepreneurship
  • Presentation,pitching and public speaking
  • Innovation and design thinking.

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