Hey hello, this is a slightly long letter from me to you and I know you will really appreciate taking 5 minutes of your time to read through it… So can you spare me 5 minutes?? You will not regret it! 

So here we are, at the end of 2020 a year which most of us started with high expectations but as it went we got disrupted by the obvious events of the year, the covid 19. For many of us covid 19 meant many things, some caught it, some got fired, some lost jobs, some sunk into worry and anxiety, some missed life-changing flights and opportunities and all in all covid 19 affected us all in various ways. Soon after covid 19 we slowly got used to it and for some of us, we quickly adopted and made the best use of a worse situation, for others it was too overwhelming and we couldn’t do much, for others we survived through the challenges and for others we discovered new hobbies, hidden gems, and new opportunities. 

So, whatever way you came out of 2020, I just wanted to remind you that if you got this far, even if the only thing you did was survive you are a conqurer, you beat this, you got through it and it’s OK! If anything 2020 was the year where we wanted to compare our progress and coping mechanism with everybody else and most of the time it looked like we are behind, we almost lost perspective of our inner progress and instead compared ourselves with others, I wanted to remind you again that every tree grows at its own pace, so, so long as you were getting better than you were the previous day, that was your win. Having established that all of us were in our own ways victors and winners in 2020, may I suggest a way forward for 2021. in 2021 it would be my biggest wish that you came back stronger, reflect back on 2020 and see what the year taught you and in 2021 apply. If in 2020 you lost your job, or your primary income couldn’t sustain you, perhaps in 2021 you can begin thinking and learning on new ways to make income (. *my upcoming book Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success is an excellent starting point*), if you couldn’t control or notice your emotions, meditation could be a starting point, if you noticed a skill set you needed to have, perhaps you could start learning.

In 2021 this could be the year you apply all the lessons, you could decide to make this year, your year of breakthrough (like I have), but you have to take the decision and create action. May 2021 be the year you came back stronger, better and wiser. May it be the year you BREAKTHROUGH!

From your friend, Stowel www.ogwenostephen.com

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