It’s finally out and I need your support!

Hey hello there and a good morning. So today i bring you some lovely news and an opportunity for you to directly support me and the work we do.

So, on February 28th I’m launching my third book, *THE MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS ANTHOLOGY* co- authored with an absolutely incredible team of poets. Here is an interesting quote from the mental health matters anthology

” *_…so before my time is out,let’s show others love,lets share what we have…_*”

Isn’t it amazing how simple acts of love and compassion could mean everything to somebody else? well that’s how we here will feel when you pre-order a copy. When you buy 10 copies you support one school tour but when you just buy even 1 you support the conversations we are having with young people on mental health*

Soft copy goes for ksh499 or 5 usd hard copy goes for 899 or 9 usd


-locally lipa na mpesa till number 761402

– internationally order via our website

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