The Mental Health Anthology continues to do rounds and book tours reaching out to young people to encourage conversations on mental health. Mental health has increasingly become a topic of concern especially with the COVID 19 pandemic which locked in our young people indoors. More people are moving into depression and anxiety and our main goal at the moment is to get young people to talk and to express themselves and to let it out.

Through the mental health matters tours we are doing just that, and we are encouraging young people to come out and speak out.


To date we have visited the Tharakanithi University College where we got young people to engage in interesting conversations on the topic and really come out stronger and better.


We have also visited the Njathaini Info4food CBO where the group had purchased copies for each family represented so that their children are able to read and benefit from the book and its valuable lessons.

By buying a book you support our work on mental health and young people. To purchase a copy

  • Order a soft copy at 499 Kenyan shillings or 5 USD
  • Order hard copy at 899 Kenyan shillings or 9 USD

Locally you can order from Lipa Na Mpesa till number 7611402

Internationally order via the website and pay via PayPal at


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