The Social Innovation Warehouse is a free capacity building program designed by and for social entrepreneurs to develop your project into a sustainable organization, connect with peers and other major stakeholders and reach the visibility that can lead to great partnerships.

Having been a part of this programme I must say this is an intense and extremely productive programme. The programme is structured into a 13-week training and an annual mentorship programme. In the training phase of the programme the entrepreneur is introduced to new and vital components of building and strengthening projects and businesses. The programme does not spare anything, they review right from your missions and visions, your audience and your product or project, its business model, strategies, and sustainability. During the training programme you will be introduced to information you may not be able to find anywhere online. The information is detailed, simplified, and structured in a very systematic well thought format to ensure you fully understand the course content.


What makes this programme really impactful is also the team that runs the programme. The programme is led by a team from Eidos ( ) who are experienced educators and trainers, and I must definitely add fun to the mix because they truly are fun. The facilitators will guide you and answer the questions that you have extensively.

Through this training I have been able to learn new skills, strengthen my organization ( ) and gain deeper insights into organizational and business development. For every young entrepreneur out there, I would definitely encourage you to apply to join this programme. This programme will save you a lot of years and stress and will really streamline your organization to ensure that you are able to run sustainably and be ready for funding and investment. A big thank you to One Young World for sharing with me this opportunity and for Lara Pizarro   who was my facilitator and guide during my time in the programme.

Stay updated with future cohorts by checking out the Eidos website and social media here



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