The 26th of May was an incredible day as I cohosted the launch of the #YoungHealthProgramme together with Dr Sylvia Vito of AstraZeneca.

The phase two of the Young Health Programme shows incredible commitment from AstraZeneca and Plan International in empowering young people to take control of their life especially with chronic or long term conditions like Cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases amongst others.

cohosting with Dr Vito

As a peer educator in the phase one of the programme thanks to Danor Ajwang’ we were able to reach over 80,000 young people in Kibera Slums and I for one couldn’t be happier to see the continuation of this programme to other areas.

interviewing Sakina Abdul a peer educator

Such investments in NCDs that focus on Young People are still rare and the Young Health Programme really sets the pace for more investment in the NCD field especially on the prevention and control aspects of NCDs.

A deep gratitude to the entire team Plan International and AstraZeneca who gave me the opportunity to cohost this alongside the amazing Dr Sylvia Vito. It was an absolute honor and pleasure.5 more years of NCD work in our communities and all I can say is, its time! LETS DO THIS BIGGER AND BETTER with the programme now led by Charles Muriu .

work on NCDs is a priority NOW!

rewatch the launch here https://lnkd.in/dDjeNe3

the whole YHP Kenya Team


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