We Have a Dream: 201 Countries, 201 Dreams with Sustainable Development Goals”, is a book which has been published in Japanese and English by Iroha Publishing in Japan. This book contains global co- authors each representing all the 201 countries of the world. Kenya was represented by Ogweno Stephen who shared his story titled TAKE ACTION.

The book, which is the brainchild of One Young World Ambassadors from Japan and Directors of the Word Dream Project, Mr. Taichi Ichikawa, and Ms. Ibun Hirahara, is designed to showcase the stories and dreams of global young leaders and create a platform where people from across the world can learn from each other. The book also places keen emphasis on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Every   dream expressed in the book is linked to at least one SDG, which highlights how young people are playing their part to tackle global issues, whilst contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In his story Take Action, Ogweno reflects on how he had to take action to make this world a better space by tackling a health care challenge in the non-communicable diseases space. Having seen firsthand the effects of living with non-communicable diseases and acting as a caregiver to individuals living with non-communicable diseases, Ogweno Stephen reflects on how he began to act on this space. He also reflects on the disappointments he faced along the way and reminds other entrepreneurs and change makers that disappointments are very much a part of the journey to success. He however insists that you have to take action and take action continuously to be able to reaize change. Change never happens by just thinking about it, change happens by taking action.

You can buy this book on this LINK


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