On the 20th of August 2021, Ogweno Stephen delivered a keynote speech under the theme of “Fostering Youth inclusiveness in the fight against non-Communicable (NCDs) diseases to achieve Universal Health Coverage.” In the online conference webinar organized by FAMSA medical students’ association. In this webinar, Ogweno talked on the state of NCDs in the continent and what we the youth could do in a bid to raise awareness and improve action on NCDs. In this keynote Ogweno insisted on the role of youth where he insisted that as the young people our role is not only to be participants in the conversations that take place in the NCDs space, rather, we as young people need to be key players in the space either as innovators, educators and policy leaders and advocates. Young people need to to take action in the NCDs space and make action on NCDs a priority.

Federation of African Medical Students Associations (Federation Des Association Des Etudiants En Medicine) abbreviated as FAMSA is the official umbrella body for all African medical students. Founded in 1968 as a Nigerian, Ugandan and Ghanaian initiative to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among medical students in Africa. FAMSA is an independent, project oriented, non-political medical student body that is recognized by the African Union and the World Health Organization as the official international forum of African medical students.

During the webinar which was held on Zoom between 20th and 21st August, 2021 lasting 3 hours each day, almost 150 students participated in the sessions. The conference hosted a number of speakers from different countries in Africa, whom each had different topics of discussion but all under the NCDs thematic areas. The biggest key takeaway from the event was that the key to changing the whole community always begins with you!


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