We all know moving into a new country can be very challenging especially if you are going in as a student. This is part of the conversation that Ogweno Stephen was privileged to have with the commonwealth scholars of 2021 in their predeparture event. During this event which hosted scholars both from kenya and Rwanda, Ogweno Stephen gave some insights on what tips and skills you need as an international scholar to take care of your mental health as a student abroad.

Here are some of those tips:

Be Responsive to School Outreach

Schools share lots of resources via email, and it’s important for students to read these on a regular basis. Pay attention to all of the communication from your academic program, the international student office, student services office and more. University offices are working hard to help you connect with other students, activities and resources.

Join Social Clubs and Groups

Experts say students should consider joining groups related to a student’s major, interests or hobbies, culture, language and religion to minimize social isolation.

Consider Meditation or Prayer

Many universities have prayer and meditation rooms set aside for students, which can help them manage their stress and well-being.

Explore Counseling Services

At some schools, counseling services can be offered through an interpreter or students can request a counselor from their ethnic background. Due to the pandemic, many schools have offered counseling and mental health services via phone or Zoom.


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