So, what is Lifesten Health? And why is this the next chapter of my exciting journey as an entrepreneur?

The story of Lifesten health starts almost like a match made in heaven. Here is the background of how I meet incredible co-founders and developed Lifesten Health. Earlier in the year I applied to an entrepreneurship programme called the Jasiri talent investor programme. This programme interested me for two particular reasons, one was that the programme offered us an opportunity to meet top entrepreneurs in Africa who shared common interest that we could form teams with and secondly was that the programme allowed us to learn from the top facilitators in the world. the most unique aspect of this programme was a concept of the market creating innovation which was first talked about by Clayton M. Christensenand we had the privilege to be taught about this concept by his potage Mr Efosa.

So, what is market creating innovations? At the heart of this concept, is the idea of creating a business or an innovation that makes goods that were primarily accessible to the minority accessible to the majority whilst still creating both impact and profit. These types of innovation often require visionaries to take them on because they are often long term and may require the development of other industries besides them to facilitate them to succeed. A good example is with the Airtel network and Netflix

As part of the Jasiri programme, one of the requirements was to form new companies together with the pool of top entrepreneurs that were in the space. And myself I happened to meet with Ms Peace Iraguha , a nutritionist and an apt entrepreneur who was and still is very passionate about solving the challenge of non-communicable diseases. So, if you follow me closely you know why I started by saying that this was as match made in heaven. Having met peace and since we shared similar interests in the space, we immediately came together due to our shared passion and skill set to tackle this challenge. We then to be joined by Mr. Victor Ambuyo, an incredible software engineer and a marketer who at the time was leading one of Kenya’s leading digital marketing firms. So immediately you see how this match was definitely made in heaven. Anyways, we three came together as co-founders and formed Lifesten health.

Lifesten health Is a company based in Rwanda whose main aim is to improve and reward healthy lifestyles with the goal of reducing illiteracy on non-communicable diseases, improve access to early diagnostic services and enhance healthier lifestyles. As Lifesten health we have committed to tackling this challenge by developing an integrated digital health platform making health accessible to the millions at their fingertips. As to how exactly we are going to implement this we have had some incredible ideas and we have had to iterate on them more times than one as is the process of innovation and very soon, you will be hearing from us and when you do you will be impressed. Because at Lifesten health, our goal is to enhance healthier lifestyles.


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