May measurement month campaigns are one of my favorite times of the year as we get to do medical screening and join the global community in advocating for healthier hearts and healthy living. These year’s may measurement month campaign took place latter in the year because of the obvious COVID 19 situations globally but this did not deter us or the global community from engaging actively in heart health screening and advocacy activities. Looking back at our screening with Stowelink Inc, it was a unique one for as well as this time around we were doing the screening alongside our top volunteers who were also actively engaged in the screening activities.

We also positioned ourself at a very ghetto region in the Githurai Slums of Nairobi with the aim of reaching the very last mile communities inside the city slum areas and the results speak for themselves as we were able to hit just about 1000 plus individuals during this screening activity.

Here is how it went down in pictures.


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