The Africa NCD Champions podcast is a podcast that aims at sharing life experiences of people living with non-communicable diseases from Africa. The podcast aims at educating, informing, and inspiring the world through these stories. Non communicable diseases like cancer, obesity, hypertension, asthma and even diabetes are still the leading killer diseases and now more than ever, awareness through the voices of people who have lived with these diseases is needed and this podcast is here to amplify those voices.

This is a continuation of our 5-year project the NCDs 365 project which aims at improving literacy for non-communicable diseases. This year we will be staring real life stories and experiences of people living with these diseases in a bid to continue to enhance literacy, spread awareness, demystify myths and amplify the voices of champions living with non-communicable diseases. Ogweno Stephen will be the main host of this incredible podcast.

Catch and follow the podcast on the links below


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