The AfroPrenuer podcast was started in 2021 following a need to share more stories of African entrepreneurs and business leaders and put them on the global scale. This is because there is still a huge shortage of African entrepreneurial content online and with this podcast, we intend to fill in the gap. The podcast already shot and edited season 1 which was a joint partnership with the leading entrepreneurs from Rwanda and Kenya under the Jasiri programme by Allan and Jill Gray Philanthropy. The podcast is a mix of both audio and visual podcasts which are shared on international platforms every third Thursday of the year. Relevant links to the podcasts will be shared at the end of this email.

current ratings

The podcast has huge listenership in Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa and here is how we performed on Apple podcasts in the last 30 days.

  • ·       Position 17 in the category Entrepreneurship (Kenya)
  • ·       Position 49 in the category Business (Kenya)
  • ·       Position 81 in the category Entrepreneurship (South Africa)

what to expect

In 2022 we have a line up of 17 episodes coming out every third Thursday of 2022. We also have a partnership with Kore Potential which could see us add 17 more episodes either for 2022 or spill over to 2023. As already indicated earlier, the podcast will be in both audio and video format.

Catch up with all the progress here.


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