The NCDs For Public Health Course is a course that enables the learner to learn about non communicable diseases, what they are, and how to prevent and manage them. The course contains 9 modules and has been developed in simple easy to understand language that can be understood by the general population. It adapts the use of videos, images and audios to enhance learning. The course will also provide additional course content and research papers required to giver the learner deeper understanding of the topic.

Stowelink in collaboration with NCDs champions has sponsored 1000 spots for interested learners to take the course for free. This move was aimed at making the course widely accessible and to ensure more reach for the course. So far the course has just supposed 700 students who have successfully enrolled and completed the course meaning there is now less than 300 sponsored spots for you to take the course.

Enroll on the course today by clicking on the link below.


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