Here is a preview of the article that Ogweno Stephen did for the project syndicate. Project Syndicate is an international media organization that publishes and syndicates commentary and analysis on a variety of global topics. All opinion pieces are published on the Project Syndicate website, but are also distributed to a wide network of partner publications for print. Ogweno Stephen was one of the 12 individuals who were selected globally and trained to write opinion pieces for project syndicate. On this first article Ogweno Stephen talks about mobile health care and why it’s needed now more than ever in the continent, here is the preview.

Africa’s health systems suffer from serious inefficiencies. Countries across the continent struggle with disruptions in medical equipment and drug supply chains, last-mile health-services delivery, medical data analysis and storage, and financing. But innovations in telemedicine, drones, big data analytics, wearables, and information management have brought the possibility of effective, affordable solutions into view, promising to improve overall health outcomes.

Read the full article on the link below


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