About book

Practical Skills for Entrepreneurial Success is a true masterpiece that provides insight that goes beyond entrepreneurial realm into wisdom for life and business. The book merges storytelling, insight, and instructions in such a delicate and a masterful manner thus enabling the reader, to not only develop a mental and mindset shift in their approach to life and business, but also equips them with practical methods of tackling business challenges both in how they approach them mentally and strategically.

The book stems from real life experiences of successful entrepreneurship in Africa and gives context and valuable insight to success in business in this setting and beyond. The wisdom in this book is timeless and encapsulate the true perspective of success in life and business. This books grounds success in its true and timeless definition, that success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal that an individual has set out for themselves, and that success in its entirety means success not only for the individual but also for the communities and networks that the individual exists within.

Ultimately, this book is for EVERYONE, because the success habits and practical skills discussed herein will lead to success in all areas of your life.

Book launch plans

We are currently working on the book launch and what we can conform at the moment is that the book will be launched in June of 2022 in Nairobi kenya and in an online event. More details will be coming through soon.

The book is also in the very final stages of getting published and listed on amazon and we will be updating you in how and when you can preorder your copy. This will be limited to only 100 people, so ensure to join our preorder list on the link below to be the first one on the list.

Practical skills online courses.

The team is also currently developing online courses to help you bring what you shall have read from the book into practical real life steps to help for develop and create your start up business. More details on the same will be coming to you soon.


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