Nestled in the valleys and mountains of Franschhoek in South Africa’s Cape Town was the location for the Harambeans Global Summit for 2022. The summit was unlike anything else I have ever attended especially on the African continent. One thing though that I have to share before I go onto the details, is that we were very privileged to have received support from the Allan And Jill Gray Philanthropies to attend the summit as Jasiri fellows.

The Jasiri Team : Ogweno Stephen with Brian Simiyu and Anthony Farr at the summit

The Harambeans Global Summit is a premier example of the best of the best that Africa has to offer in terms of entrepreneurship, impact, networks, and the exclusiveness. The Harambeans are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, innovators and funders who are brought together by a common mission of developing the Africa that we want. They believe strongly that this Africa exists, and they, through their businesses, ventures and funding are actively developing this next Africa of the future. The Harambeans have produced 2 of Africa’s unicorn ventures and have produced the top entrepreneurs in the continent. This community is also very driven by the drive to leave a legacy on the continent and the world. The global summit brings together these movers and shakers of Africa and the world.

My experience at the global summit was the first of its kind. The location was premium, with the wine farms and the mountains as your backgrounds and the tranquil and serene nature of the setting as your foreground. The Franschhoek Hotel which hosted most of the events is a premium hotel with incredible grounds, architecture, and maintenance. But the biggest value I got from attending this summit was the people. This kind of gathering is such a rare event. To be able to bring together individuals of this caliber in one location and driven by one purpose is extremely hard yet the Harambeans summit was able to figure it out. The conversations were great, the networking was real and intentional and not merely transactional and the learnings from all these pioneers and market leaders was something inspirational.

I definitely could have gone into more details of it but ill let the photos speak on my behalf. A rather fitting end to this would be to end this with the Harambeans commitment which is “We will check our road and the nature of our battle, yet in the end, the Africa our generation desires can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is ours.”


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