Ogweno Stephen and JOYCE WANJIRU   were recently featured on an interview at KUTV hosted by Caren Blessing to talk about their new book, Stories By The Fireplace. In their interview which lasted thirty minutes the two shared their passion for writing and preservation of culture that drove them to write the book alongside other 5 coauthors.

Stories By The Fireplace is the most recent collection to my authorship journey. It’s a children’s book that aims at educating our children on the cultures and traditions of our communities in Kenya. This piece of work is such an important contribution to literature especially since we are continuously losing our traditional stories with more urbanization and less engagement with our grandparents who used to pass these stories by word of mouth from generation to generation. This project at the core aimed at really immortalizing and solidifying these stories and enabling children to learn stories from their cultures and traditions but also from other cultures and traditions.

Watch the full interview below


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