The Harambean commitment to developing the Africa we want is a bold vision from a group of entrepreneurs to take action. The goal of the alliance is to connect inspire and build the continent’s future by actively engaging in business, venture, funding and support. The dream to develop the future that we want to see for Africa is such a bold vision that really aligns with my vision for the continent as well. Through a collective of entrepreneurs who are very successful and through the support and funding, the Harambeans are literally showing the world the true face of African ventures and entrepreneurship, as successful, innovative, transparent and mission driven.

I believe strongly that this generation will be the turning point for the continent once again. As we all know Africans have always pioneered in education, invention and development with the first civilizations and even universities for instance coming from here. This generation, my generation, is the generation that will bring back the glory and Harambeans are already setting the trajectory to making this vision a reality.


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