Stories By The Fireplace is a children’s story book that aims at educating and empowering children with the lessons from the traditional African stories. This book was published by 7 authors including Ogweno Stephen all who went back to their communities to get the traditional African stories that were passed from generation to generation through word of mouth. This book comes at a critical point when we are slowly losing our authentic African stories as the world is getting more and more advanced and cultures are getting more and more eroded. The book serves a s a repository to solidify and accurately document these stories and their lessons besides immortalizing these experiences and rich heritage passed down for thousands of generations.

Ogweno Stephen was one of the co authors of this book and he brought the stories from the Luo community including stories of the great Lwanda Magere and Kit Mikayi who are legends in the Luo folktale stories and whose stories have multiple lessons that are important in shaping behavior culture and progress. In writing these stories, Ogweno focused on translating the lessons from these stories into solid advice for the new age. The stories in this book act as an exposition to culture. The book gives the youngsters the ability to not only learn from their cultures but also expand their experiences to other cultures as a result broaden their scope of thinking and exploration of the other communities around them making them more inclusive and less biased.

You can purchase your book on the link

or directly reaching out via the contact page.


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