So, as a son who has been privileged to travel to many countries, one of the things I keep doing on my long flights to other countries is to take as many photos and videos to ensure that when I’m back home I can be able to create a visual experience for my parents and my family about my flights. And one thing I’ve always known my parents wished to experience was an opportunity to fly high in the sky and get that first-hand experience. Because of this one of my goals, this year was to give them that experience.

My dad at the book launch

So, when the time came for my book launch, I thought it wise to give my parents the VIP experience from their hometown, to the city and back as a way to achieve that objective. Whilst my mother could not make it due to unavoidable circumstances, my father had the privilege to enjoy all that I had planned for him in his short visit to the city to attend my book launch.

So, I meticulously planned his itinerary, I flew him to the city, booked him a 5-star hotel, got him a personal driver to take him through the city, organized some sightseeing and museum visits for him, and on the last day in the city took him to my dream real estate projects just to show him my dream residences in the city. More than that, he become one of the first to enjoy the recently opened Nairobi superhighway that offers stunning views and no traffic jam on our way back to the airport.

At the Eye of Kenya

This experience really mattered to me because my father has been a pillar in my life, he is the wisest man I’ve had the rare opportunity to know and he definitely deserves the very best that the world has to offer. So giving him this unique experience was definitely a milestone for me, a way for me to begin saying thank you for all the great things he has shaped me to be. Here are some of the photos of how it went.

at the book launch
with both my fathers

At the Airport


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