For the past two years my focus as the CEO of Lifesten Health and the focus of the team has really been about how we transform the field of non-communicable diseases and how we get people to develop and practice healthy lifestyles. As we all know, building healthy habits is one of the hardest tasks but also one of the most rewarding ones and so we have been working with the communities in Rwanda and Kenya to find out how they love to be motivated, how they enjoy their health products and how they would want a properly executed digital health platform to look like.

And I strongly we finally found those answers and are building the health tech platform designed and developed by Africans for Africans. We have also been privileged to go through the health hub training accelerator supported by the Novartis Foundation where we have met incredible mentors and resources that have helped us along the way in building the health start-up of the continent , aimed at improving health care for the next one billion.

At Lifesten, we want to reward you for being healthy, we want to support you to achieve your health goals and we want to connect you with relevant health products and services when you need them. So, you ask again why am I excited about the future of Lifesten health? It’s because we are building a health care solution for the next 1 billion people and we are building it with them.

Join our waitlist for the updated version of the app on the list below:


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