The future is digital and Ogweno Stephen has been championing digital education through  the various online courses that he has developed. Find our what Ghetto Radio wrote about Ogweno. Here is a taste of the first part of the feature:

So Ogweno Stephen is a 26-year-old global health practitioner who also has experience with entrepreneurship having started and failed in a lot of ventures but also managed to run some very successful and promising companies and organizations.

Ogweno who studied population health at the Kenyatta University and currently studying a masters in Global Health at the University Of Manchester, saw a gap in the learning style and decided to explore what options are there for him to teach on his expertise in non-communicable diseases and his experiences in entrepreneurship. In his search for the best way to do it he discovered online learning and discovered that he only needed a camera, a studio and his well-researched topics and with that he could start an online series of courses to pass his skills and expertise to the next generation through the power of the internet.

Read the full feature on this LINK


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