You might have already seen all the hype on our social media and the social media of your favorite influencers that something exciting is coming up, well, that exciting thing they are all talking about is Lifesten Health.

Imagine, if you were to be rewarded for every time you worked towards achieving your health goals. Every time you walked around the block, took a health challenge, ate healthy, drank your water and slept well that you would actually get rewarded.

Now, we know that sometimes its hard to get yourself motivated and on the right track, sometimes you don’t know what exactly to do to improve your health and that there is a lot of misinformation out there, well, we got you covered as well, because we provide you with daily health challenges on Lifesten health mobile application to help you with this exact challenge.

Now imagine you want to track your health data, get valuable insights and at the end of the week, month or year track your progress to see just how much better you become, we also got you covered. Because with Lifesten we have been able to integrate all your health data to the platform. You don’t need to buy a specialized new watch or device as we have integrated Lifesten to work with a wide range of wearables including Apple Watches, Google Fits, Aura Rings, Fitbits and much more. We have partnered with world leading integrations provider Spike to bring you a first of a kind technology here in Africa.

And what’s the cost to access this amazing platform? Free. You can begin using Lifesten health when it launches for free and then upgrade based on your needs with monthly subscriptions ranging from 2 USD to 8 USD. Affordable, right? yes!

Now imaging that you have engaged in all these activities, and you have been constantly putting in the work. Surely you need a reward for that, all that work can’t be for nothing, right? Yes, we agree that you can’t just put in the work for nothing and whilst you are constantly working to improve your health, we will be working to reward you. We will reward with discounts, free passes, and free consultations to our various rewards like gym subscriptions, spa and sauna treatments, massage, smoothies, protein bars, trips, and night outs at high end hotels, just to mention a few.

So, do you want to experience all of this?

Sign up on our waitlist today by clicking on the link below.

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