13 months ago, through the NCD Champions, I partnered with Talanta institute and was supported by Stowelink’s Inc to develop an online course as a way to bridge boundaries and train more NCD CHAMPIONS across the world. Together we curated a world class NCD Training Online course dubbed Non-Communicable diseases for Public Health.

We set an ambitious goal to sponsor 1000 students in a period of 2 years, a fete that we have now accomplished just at 13 months. In 13 months, we have trained over 1000 students in 123 countries and the course has maintained a high ratting of 4.6 on Udemy Where its hosted.

They say dream big and create big impact and this course is yet another testament that we can do it. I really appreciate the support we have received and the reviews across many countries and professionals who have lauded the course.

Many say the course is simplified, accurate and communicates very succinctly on the subject matter. I have been lauded as an excellent tutor who communicates clearly and is easy to follow. Through out the course my goal has always been one, to create lasting impact in the field of non-communicable diseases and this course is certainly one way to do it.

As we move to a paid course model, we are happy to partner with organizations and institutions to offer discounts and subscriptions to train their staff and communities on the topic.

Reach out directly through founder@stowelink.com

Course Link : https://www.udemy.com/course/non-communicable-diseases-for-public-health/?couponCode=STEPUP


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