The Global Social Business Summit 2022 is an annual gathering of world leaders and social entrepreneurs aimed at sharing thought leadership, practical skills, and inspiring change all over the world. The Global Social Business Summit is for anyone and everyone who are and want to be a part of the social business movement and ecosystem. It is a community of lifelong learners seeking meaningful connections with people who want to make a social impact. The summit is led by Nobel Laureate Prof. Yunus amongst other conveners.

The 2022 summit was held in Kenya by The Grameen Creative Lab and Yunus Centre  where Ogweno Stephen was privileged to be cohosting a session alongside Harriet Kamashanyu representing the One young world East Africa. The session titled “Sharing nuggets of leadership skills for successful entrepreneurs” was led by these two and focused on offering practical skills and nuggets vital to starting and sustaining an enterprise. In the summit Ogweno made a presentation off of his latest book practical skills for entrepreneurial success that focused on the fundamental laws that every entrepreneur leader and change maker must understand as they delve into the business and entrepreneurship field. The presentation received very positive reviews from the participants solidified the fact that the content was well understood and delivered.

To learn more about this book, follow this link:


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