Hi there, hope you are well, you probably have been connected to me for a while now to notice my annual mantras. This is the one statement that I set for myself and my networks as one overriding vision for the year. In previous years it has been like this

  • 2018 This year we plan
  • 2019 This year we focus
  • 2020 This year we grow
  • 2021 This year we breakthrough
  • 2022 This year we prepare

And next year, 2023, we elevate

In the year 2023, I have chosen the mantra “2023, we elevate” to guide my actions and goals. The reason for this is because I believe that this coming year presents a unique opportunity to make significant progress and improvements in various areas of my life. I am determined to push the needle forward and achieve my personal and professional aspirations.

Personally, I aim to elevate my skills and knowledge through reading more books, taking more courses and pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors. Professionally, I plan to take Stowelink and Lifesten Health to new heights by expanding their reach and impact. Academically, I am determined to excel in my Masters program at the University of Manchester. Physically, I am committed to reaching my health goals and elevating my overall well-being.

Overall, I am excited for the opportunities that 2023 presents and I am determined to make the most of them. This year, we elevate in all aspects of our lives.


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