Ogweno Stephen, the co-founder of Legacy Leadership Africa, has recently been involved in a joint audio and video podcast series with Kevin Oduor. The series focuses on various entrepreneurial topics, with the first podcast titled “The Resolution Hacker” and the second titled “The Law of Diminishing Intent”.

In “The Resolution Hacker”, Stephen and Oduor discuss the importance of setting resolutions and how to stick to them. They provide practical tips and advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve success in both personal and professional life. This podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to set goals and achieve them.

In the second podcast, “The Law of Diminishing Intent”, Stephen and Oduor discuss the psychology behind the concept and how it applies to entrepreneurship. The law of diminishing intent states that the longer you wait to take action on a decision, the less likely you are to follow through. They provide insights and strategies for overcoming procrastination and taking action towards achieving your goals.

The Legacy Leadership Africa co-founders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to these podcasts, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and personal development. Stay tuned for more episodes in the series and make sure to check out their website for more information on Legacy Leadership Africa and their mission.

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