Ogweno Stephen was recently featured in the University of Manchester Biology, Medicine And Health Student Blog where he was discussing how his current studies in Global Health have helped him amplify the work in the non-communicable diseases space.

When asked how the Masters In Public Health had helped his career, here was his response:

Besides being a student at Manchester, I am the founder and CEO of Stowelink, an organisation focused on improving literacy and access to early diagnostic services for NCDs. We do this actively through community projects, quarterly medical camps and research, and by leveraging mobile health technologies and innovation.

Through these projects, Stowelink aims to educate communities on the major NCDs and their risk factors. To date, Stowelink has been able to reach over 3.5 million people both online and offline, receive local and global recognition for their innovation and in 2020 expand its impact and partners through the NCDs 365 project to 8 African countries.

I also consult with the World Health Organization (WHO) under the NCD labs project, where I was appointed to the board in charge of the NCDs and the Next Generation thematic area.

As a current student working in the NCD space and the mobile health sector, as well as with young people, the course has enabled me to learn and solidify concepts in these subject areas. One of my favourite units from the course has been Digital Public Health, which has really helped us improve on some aspects of the mobile health intervention that we are currently implementing in Kenya.

Read the full feature HERE


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