Ogweno Stephen emerged the youth of the year in the recently concluded top 35 under 35 awards where he won under the health category. This award comes after years of service innovation and contribution by Ogweno Stephen in the health care industry. Ogweno Stephen is the founder of Stowelink Inc, an organization that aims at improving literacy and access to diagnostic services for non-communicable diseases across the continent. More than that Ogweno has speared innovation in the health space including the development and implementation of 8 successful health projects, development of the NCDs  365 innovation suite which consists of a mobile application and games aimed at enhancing NCDs literacy, the development of the NCDs module and course just to mention a few. Ogweno also continues to contribute to the scientific field through his published research papers and books.

Through this award and recognition, Ogweno aims to raise the caliber of youths in aspects of health and leadership, inspire more youth entrepreneurial action especially in the health field and inspire youth development and transformation. This he will do continuously through mentorship, working with youths in his projects and organizations, championing for and advocating for youth opportunities and developing new platforms and ways to engage the youth either through his books or online courses and webinars.

About the awards

In 2020, The Youth Agenda under its grand Youth Empowerment Programme, a programme whose theme is to transform the youth “from a demographic challenge to demographic dividend”, fronted the first ever youth awards in Kenya since its independence.

The award branded as the Top 35 under 35 Awards targets to award exemplary youth across various sectors or categories. It takes place annually on the International Youth Day (IYD). (Every year the world celebrates the International Youth Day on 12th August. Each year comes with its theme from the Global UN headquarters).

The awards are part of the major youth empowerment programme which is a complete mentorship and engagement of youth for a one-year period. The awarded youth undergo a six months mentorship at the Youth Agenda Leadership Academy and later linked to three mentees each from their original counties for a maximum of six months. In the midst of mentorship, the awardees also undertake a community service activity in one county.


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