The Global Week for Action on NCDs aims to unite the NCD movement each year under a specific theme, concentrating our combined efforts with the aim of reducing the NCD burden globally and increasing health and equality. In 2021, the global community is uniting under the theme of community engagement – leveraging the power and potential of communities to co-create healthier societies.

As an NCDs advocate and a young person who has not only lived with NCDs but has gone ahead to serve the communities of people living with NCDs, I am very happy to have been part of this global week of action. The focus for this year has a vital component of partnership and engagement of varies communities to create healthier societies and I cannot think of a better example of action on NCDs and community building than the NCDs 365 project. In this project which I developed and run at Stowelink, we have been able to engage partners in over 10 countries in Africa forming partnerships with over 30 partners, creating local engagements, and enhancing collaboration and improving NCDs literacy for communities all over the world.

Its because of this very reason that my statement for this year’s week of action is

“we need action now and we the young people need to be at the center of this action for NCDs as advocates, innovators and ambassadors”

Read my statement on the link belowhttps://actonncds.org/take-action/voices-change/voice-of-change-stephen-ogweno-2021


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