Hi there, hope you are well, you probably have been connected to me for a while now to notice my annual mantras. This is the one statement that I set for myself and my networks as one overriding vision for the year. In previous years it has been like this

  • 2018 This year we plan
  • 2019 This year we focus
  • 2020 This year we grow
  • 2021 This year we breakthrough

And next year we PREPARE

So this year I said we breakthrough, and if you look back at the year I’m sure there have been moments of breakthrough for you but since this is my personal vision and mantra let me tell you about my year and then a bit about our year next year.

This year I said I will breakthrough and the biggest breakthrough I had this year besides all the awards, progress and impact I helped create was a breakthrough in mindset, *this year I intentionally set to ditch the scarcity mindset for abundance mindset* the mindset to believe that there is good for all of us *and to be more optimistic and grateful than ever before* and the results, have been tremendous. But to keep this short, learn all about the results here

But this year is done and for me I choose to gather all the experiences from all of the years before next year and I’m choosing to invest them in next year (Afterall time is money). And my mantra for next year is 2022 WE PREPARE* the reason why is because for most of us, we are in our preparation years and not yet on our success years, in the preparation years we set foundations, we set goals and we work on them and more often we don’t see results for this time until years later, anyways in our preparation years next year, may we allow our self to major in major things, may we not unfairly compare ourselves to those in their winning years, may we not lose focus on our goals and may we remember we are preparing for something great.



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