2022 was a particularly exciting year for me. This year I managed to go through different levels and true to the mantra I set for 2022, this year I had various breakthroughs. If you want to have a recap of my plans in 2021 for 2022 here is the link


In 2022 this are some of the highlights of how the year went.


  • Started season 1 of the Afroprenuer Podcast and the Africa NCD Champions podcast
  • Got my story featured by African Films Network
  • Met the Minister Of Health In Kenya and made him make a commitment to supporting young people’s NCDs issues.


  • Had my first article featured by Project Syndicate
  • Had a media interview on cervical cancer
  • Attended the Harambean Summit in South Africa


  • Launched my 5th book – a children’s book titles Stories By The Fireplace
  • Met the UK high commissioner for Kenya
  • I spoke at the 4th African Youth Summit In Addis Ababa


  • Did a media tour for the stories by the fireplace at KUTV and GBS TV
  • Won the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards for health innovation of the year
  • Published 2 research papers in global scientific journals


  • Conducted a regional poetry contest on entrepreneurship based on my book Practical Skills
  • Got selected as a digital advocate for a campaign on trans-fat elimination in East Africa
  • Made a plenary presentation at the World Heart Summit Geneva


  • Published an OP-ED that was presented at the World Health Assembly
  • Got interviewed and featured on the guardian newspaper United Kingdom
  • Hosted a mini podcast series on meaningful engagement of people living with NCDs for the NCD Alliance


  • Contributed to a viral newspaper article on food apps and their contribution on obesity in Kenya
  • Got media features on Focus Tv
  • Won a grant for the Africa NCDs champion’s podcast
  • Started implementing the may measurement month project
  • Did a media launch and then a book launch for my 6th book Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success
  • Did a book exhibition at the YALI event launch


  • Nominated as a finalist for the Black Philanthropist Award 2022 
  • Got a newspaper feature on The Star Newspaper
  • Got featured on Radio France talking about physical health and obesity
  • Published new research on COVID 19 and mental health


  • Featured on ghetto radio for championing physical health
  • Hosted a new podcast series on NCDs and COVID 19
  • Started implementing the step-up project on NCDs and climate change in partnership with AstraZeneca


  • The NCDs for public health online course hots the 1000th user
  • Met the county government stakeholders on an NCDs project
  • Started planning for the Hanga Pitch fest


  • Made a presentation at the Global Social Business Summit
  • Closed 3 partnership deals with Lifesten Health partners
  • I was selected as the first engagement lead for One Young World East Africa


  • Won the Hanga Pitchfest
  • Won the Kigali CV challenge by Novartis Foundation
  • Featured by The Kenyan times and the Star Newspaper
  • Attended The 2nd International Conference on Public Health In Africa In Kigali

So clearly 2022 was a great year, it had its ups and downs, but we made it work. On my 15 pointer goals for the year, I was able to achieve 12 out of the total 15 which counts as a win in my book. Moving forward into 2023, the mantra will be 2023 we elevate.


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